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At the beginning of August we received an email from a young lady living in Maidenhead, who had recently come to live in the UK from Nigeria. 'Tola' takes up her story...

"I want to start by thanking God for the wonderful things you're doing to get the word of God out there to nations of the world. May God's grace continually shine on that which He has committed into your hands. Amen. 

My name is Omotola and I'm from Nigeria. However I currently live in the UK, Maidenhead Berkshire to be precise. I'm a part of an African Church here but we have a multicultural audience; Asians, other African countries and some Europeans. Our Church is one of the parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG Living Word Maidenhead) and pastored by a Nigerian. 

I have a motivation to get the word of God out there to every member of the church, you will agree with me that to increase the knowledge of God in this land, men and women should be able to read books on spiritual growth during the week and not just by coming to church for a few hours on Sunday alone. Hence the initiative to start a church library. This is where I am soliciting for your support in way of a few books to get started with."

A couple of weeks later Tola visited the SWT office with her husband Tai  and collected a large plastic box containing a starter library, books on marriage and family life, some inspiring biographies and some Biblical expositions. We also gave Tola practical guidance on how to run a library based on the Malawi model. Many in her church have strong connections with their families and communities in in other nations.


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