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Pastor Protus Mulupi, near Kitale, Kenya

News from rural Kenya

We recently received news from Pastor Protus Mulupi from his remote, rural village near Kitale, Kenya. Pastor Protus is a church leader offering support to over forty churches; he is also the pastor of his own church with 80 members. Pastor Protus runs a church library with about 300 books which he loans to local pastors. 

He wrote to the Trust to tell us about his church, ministry, the impact the books have had and the training he is running based on the book, Excellent Christian Leadership. 

“My church is located in a remote place, a village church”, explains Pastor Protus.“The Lord led me to this place because they are neglected. Many of our churches are found in towns but here is where I feel there is need to educate and teach the community. 

Though we don’t have instruments yet but youth and children attend our services. We have orphans, widows and the needy among us. Most of my members are casual labourers. One thing I appreciate, they are good learners and though there are challenges, they have learned to pray. 

Thanks so much Sovereign World Trust and trusted friends and donors. Through your lovely donations, the gift books sent to us have brought a tremendous impact in our daily Christian life. Besides the Bible, the gift books have been our source for spiritual growth." 

"I don’t know where I could have been without your resourceful help…I say this because of what God has done in my life and those who read them have changed spiritually and emotionally.  It is through reading the books I have developed the desire to read the Bible, be a good teacher without being ashamed, developed a prayer team and winning souls…back to the light. Also by reading the books I have developed a desire to do more research from the Bible and it has made me more powerful and strengthened in the Spirit. I can stand before the Almighty and preach and teach because of this confidence of what I have learned. 

As a ministry, we have a training session that is beginning this September, starting with leadership training from the book, Excellent Christian Leadership. Also we have classes we started last week for those who are suffering, teaching from Surviving the Storm…All over our churches we have books borrowed by pastors to train their members. 

We will keep you all in our prayers as you have brought us from far.”


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