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Reaching, teaching and preaching in India

It was heartening to hear from Pastor Samir Sinha of the Bagdogra by Grace Ministries in India this month and to learn about how the books we have sent to him are being used. Pastor Samir also gave us a news update about his ministry and the challenges he faces. 

“Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, We and our mission field work is progressing everywhere. Hope you are all well by the Grace of God. After long time I have received your valuable books which encourage us and empowered us as we learn new ideas. They open our eyes to understand the Bible clearly in every area. We are very much thankful to you all; they help us to teach others, train leaders and for me also, so we are blessed. 

Reflecting back on the events of this year it seems like we are living through the most difficult and challenging times, learning from experiences. We are very much thankful to the Lord and to the work of the Holy Spirit whom God has sent to lead us. My praise and gratitude goes first to Him, His love and faithfulness endures forever. 

God has called me and given me heart for the unreached lost souls, by obeying God we are faithfully working hard in the....villages where people are suffering long and the children are growing in careless way without education, and many of them are orphans... We are trying to helping them as much we can and to lead them into the Christ. 

Your help is needed in many areas for these backward people groups to reach with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in West Bengal and Assam India…My vision is to see numerous churches being planted among the unreached people groups by being faithful to the great commission. We want to see a movement of peoples following continuously into God’s kingdom, being disciple and in turn discipling others. We welcome you to join us in believing God for this to happen. The Lord says, “Ask of me and I will make the nation your inheritance, the end of the earth your possession.” Psalms 2:8... … We praise God and are very much thankful to Holy Spirit. Please pray for these people whom God has given us to lead that I may able to feed them spiritual food, that they may continue growing in the Lord...

It is not easy to work with the illiterate people, to bring them into the God’s kingdom, to another kingdom, and to making them to adjust with. I have given my full time for them - to teaching them, correcting them faithfully and have seen they are growing, I surrendered my life to the Lord - however long I live I will do for the Lord. I need to learn more from your books – they are very valuable for me and to teach others." 

Pastor Samir Sinha


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