The Paradoxical Messiah

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By Author, Hugh Hill

At the end of last month we took delivery of 3000 copies of The Paradoxical Messiah by Hugh Hill.

Hugh’s generous supporters provided £5000 to finance this project. The books will be distributed in our 2019 mailings to pastors, libraries and colleges. 

The book is 360 pages long, but is printed on specially light weight paper to keep mailing costs to a minimum.

Hugh has some hard-back copies for sale in the UK. Please contact us if interested (special promotional price of £10.00 including UK p&p).

The Meaning of Paradoxical

“A person conflicting with a perceived notion of what is reasonable or possible” (Oxford Dictionary).

The purpose of this book is to tell the story of Jesus’ life and mission in chronological order from the four Gospels, to explain the deeper meaning behind places and events, to ask why Jesus was the Paradoxical Christ and why he was considered to be so radically different from what the Jews expected.

Most importantly, it explains what this all means for us today.

About the Author

Hugh Hill has pastored FIEC churches in Worthing, London and Lincoln and has travelled widely helping evangelical churches to focus on mission and spiritual growth. 

He describes his own remarkable encounter with God in Glasgow in his book I Did it His Way. His second book, Journey Through the Bible, was published by Lion Hudson under the title, The Heart of the Bible.


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