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2018 Annual ReportSeeing the benefit

Did you know that we have changed our mailing offering to the pastors we support? Now mailings have two parts. We select some books which, from our experience, we know will be useful to our recipients; however, in addition, pastors now also have the opportunity to select books from a menu.

This is, of course, more complicated to administer; but we have reduced the complexity by offering 10 bundles of books grouped together with a common theme. Each bundle is described in a booklet with an outline and some advice about literacy level, together with the particular benefit or issue being addressed. The result is that pastors are in a position to make an informed choice. 

Interestingly, the most recent popular batch of requests were for a bundle on the theme of leadership and another on Bible characters. 

Of the books selected by us last year the title The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership by Richard Wallis, received rave reviews and appreciative comments. One such review came from Reverend Edward from Zambia, who told us that this title was used at a seminar of Church leaders as the main source for presentations on leadership (we have a photograph from the seminar above). This is especially encouraging because copies of The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership were funded by gifts given in memory of Jan Mungeam, the founder of Sovereign World Trust. 


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