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The impact of Surviving the Storm

Levuka is a town on the eastern coast of the Fijian island of Ovalau. Levuka is very much a trip back in time to a Fiji still seemingly unaffected by the effects of large-scale tourism and commerce. 

Pastor Niko wrote to the Trust to give us an update on his ministry on this beautiful island: 

“I give thanks of prayer to our Lord Jesus when I receive your gifts of books that you have sent to me and thanks from all my friends who receive books from Sovereign World Trust. 

One of the books you sent me, Surviving the Storm (by Wendy Foxhall), is a very good and helpful book. My great thanks to the Lord, to the author, the publisher, the donors and all at SWT for this book. Surviving the Storm arrived here in good time. It has already saved two marriages and two families, one that has four children!

 We still have a small library in my office on this small island. 

My prayers and great hope is that you will keep on sending me the gift of books because they have been so helpful to our ministry here. 

To end this letter, I would like to send my prayers and good wishes to you all. May the good Lord bless you all.” 

Pastor Niko


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