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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka "The books are so!"

Benin can perhaps be viewed as one of the forgotten African countries. Bordered by Togo to the west and Nigeria to the east, the majority of its population lives on the small southern coastline of the Bight of Benin. Here, there is heavy reliance on the often precarious livelihood of subsistence farming.

One of our first-time recipients, Pastor Erick, ministers from Porto-Novo, Benin’s capital. He recently received a number of new books from the Trust: Practicing the Principles of Prayer, The Essentials of Christian Leadership, What the Bible Teaches on Prayer and Fasting and Preaching Through the Bible 1, 2, 3 John and Jude. Pastor Erick wrote to us in a letter full of enthusiasm, vision and hope: 

“The books are so powerful…my prayer life has changed and concerning leadership ‘wow’! Integrity is the core message for me and also strategy,” explains Pastor Erick. “The Lord gave us a vision – my wife and I since 2014 – to win souls and equip our people for the Kingdom of Heaven. This is where our church began; today, the church has been registered officially in our country and we are free to now work for God without limit. 

We have house calls in different areas of our city and we are also involved in evangelism and hospital ministry every week. We also have various projects; we hope to open a bilingual school, English and French, a language centre, where we can teach English and the Bible. We also want to support orphans, widows and the poor in rural areas of our communities.”

With thanks to Pastor Erick for the report and beautiful photographs.

The churches and places of worship in Benin take many forms

But congregations always look their best when worshiping God


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