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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka Richard Smart returns to Uganda

One of Sovereign World Trust’s longstanding partners, Richard Smart, regularly travels to Africa, and in particular Uganda, taking with him as many books from the Trust as he can. In this way he is able to bring Biblical teaching to poor and remote areas of the country. 

Richard has partnered with the Trust since 2011 and has sent us some photos of the recipients from his latest trip. Thank you to all of our supporters who have made this possible.

It has been a busy trip for Richard and much time has been spent on the road; last week he was ministering in the Diocese of Mityana and this week the Bishop came to collect books for his open resource library. We are grateful to Richard for taking the time out to give us a pictorial update.

Clockwise we have:Pastor Godfrey; Rev Janepher (Pronounced Jennifer); Richard with the Bishop and Sister Irene.

Pastor Godfrey

Sister Irene

Rev Janepher

Richard with the Bishop


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