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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka Evangelism in remote villages, Malawi

The lengths that some of our recipients go to in bringing the word of God to remote locations is astounding. We recently received news from one such recipient, Pastor Enock, who is involved in a number of local ministries.

Pastor Enock and his co-workers have recently returned from visiting several far-flung villages in Malawi. As you can see from his photographic record of the trip, the team employed canoes and bicycles in some instances to help transport luggage and supplies.

“We are just speechless for God’s doing among us”, Pastor Enock writes. “We are so amazed for the great work that is happening here, as we have just come back from the first trip of evangelism in this month of October.

We are so thankful to the Lord for enabling us to visit these villages Zibahwe Village, Kong’a Village, Zhuwgo Village, Mchacha Village, Chikoko Village, Ntolongo Village, Thumba Village, M’gona Village and Tizola Village. Through our visit we have seen people been encouraged, renewed in their faith, pastors and Church leaders been trained and 493 souls have come to Christ. Praise the Lord!"

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