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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka Finding ways to connect and bless others through the crisis 

This week we have news from another SWT recipient, Pastor Margaret in Thailand. Pastor Margaret and the team in Phuket have been finding ways to reach out to others during the Covid-19 crisis using both modern and traditional practical approaches.

 “Hello from Phuket Christian Centre, Thailand. We trust that you and all at Sovereign World Trust are keeping safe and well. Like so many around the world this coronavirus has changed normal daily life as we knew it. But despite so many restrictions and closed doors, we praise God that we as His church are continuing to connect with so many people, not just here in Phuket but around the world, as we have been able to use social media for our Sunday and mid-week meetings. This has meant we have connected with more people than before. 

Our island of Phuket has now been virus-free for nearly a month, as the airport, port and road over to the mainland have been closed. Also, within the island itself we had roadblocks and a nightly curfew, although these last two restrictions have been lifted now. While this is good, because we rely so heavily on tourism, the economy in the meantime has plummeted and it’s so sad to see many hotels and businesses close down, and unemployment rising. But, we see this also as an opportunity to bring hope to those who are suffering and encourage them. 

As a church, and also from our business, Kingdom Cafe, we have taken care packages to poor communities to bless them in a practical way. We have made your books available to a few of our leaders who speak English, and they appreciate that. 

May God bless you” 

Pastor Margaret 

Phuket Christian Centre, Thailand

The header photo Margaret sent us shows the empty library at the Christian Centre - currently this is not accessible to visitors because of the coronavirus restrictions in Thailand..


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