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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka Teaching emails and online resources

The global pandemic has had far-reaching effects on our ability to send books to many nations as cargo delays and multiple freight embargos abound. In this fluid situation, we are keen to avoid the risk that our precious resources are caught up in the confusion caused by accumulating undelivered freight, so we are endeavouring to support our recipients via online resources. 

As you may be aware, we have recently embarked on revitalising our two resources websites with stage one, an overhauled ‘Slices’ website now live and accessible: Meanwhile, at the beginning of November, we sent out the first of our Biblical teaching emails to support those pastors whom we are able to contact via email. 

Whilst we appreciate that there are some recipients living in poor and remote regions who are not in a position to benefit directly from online resources, we hope that those who do have internet access will be able to share resources locally. As the use of smart phones increases, it is not necessary to have an expensive computer and printer to access these. 

 With internet usage continuing to increase across Asia and a digital revolution in Africa, we hope that connecting digitally with our recipients across the world will continue and flourish beyond the Covid crisis. In many ways the pandemic has become the catalyst for the increase in our digital activity as we have diverted our resources to the provision of teaching materials online. 

 Of course, there will be many pastors who will continue to need our support via our traditional pastor mailings and these will resume with some urgency as soon as the current crisis abates.

 In the meantime, we bring news from just two of the responses we received to our recent teaching email which we think confirm our approach at this time. We have also had requests for new subscribers. 

Greetings in Jesus Name! We write to thank you for the e-mail that we received which was a very encouraging letter especially at this time. Covid-19 is sweeping our little country and many restrictions and travel bans are taking place at this time, most churches like our house churches have been shut down and our evangelical outreach programme has come to a stand-still. We sincerely miss the study material you used to send us and we pray that God will enable your ministry to be able to continue your much appreciated and much needed study material to many needy pastors, May the Lord bless you and all involved in the Sovereign World Trust Ministry.
Pastor Lynton, 
Sri Lanka 

Thank you for the pdfs and for the teachings that you sent me. I am very grateful for what you are doing. It is very unfortunate that the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has affected the mailings of hard copy materials to us. I am very hopeful that this is just a passing phase and that normal mailings will resume. I am very hopeful that all is well with you and your families in the face of this deadly pandemic. Here we thank the Lord for divine protection. I am good and so is the family. The church is good and I am glad to tell you that we have resumed our Sunday services. We have no casualties at church due to the Covid 19 virus. May the Lord guard and guide you together with your families. 
Pastor Prince, Zimbabwe


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