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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka "...we have grown numerically, despite Covid"

In the last few months, and in the midst of the Covid pandemic, we have been so delighted to receive several updates from Minister Kwame and the team a Beit Yeshua House of Salvation in Ghana. Things have not been easy for the church but they continue to persevere.

“In October the rains in Accra were unusually heavy and some farmers say they have come late,” describes Minister Kwame. “One Saturday night into the following morning, it rained 'cats and dogs' as the English are apt to say. So Sunday morning, congregations in parts of Accra, either cancelled meetings or started late. We were concerned when heavy downpours occur. The scanty shelters accommodating the homeless are hardly suitable for protection. A sober mood greeted us as we visited and ministered to the needs of our community.” 

Nevertheless the team continue to minister to the homeless and others in their community, and via outreach; they have also been able to baptise many new believers in recent months as our top image shows: 

“May this find you and your loved ones rejoicing in the Lord. There are so many good testimonies to write about. All testifying to the Grace of our Lord working in our lives.” 

As we approach the end of 2020, Beit Yeshua continues “reaching the unreached” and this is illustrated by the number of those who attended English Bible class recently, led by Minister Matthew. 

“It is a serious case for praise and thanksgiving,” explains Minister Kwame. “We could of course write hundreds of other names. Those who have given their lives to the Lord and have continued to worship with us each week. Indeed Covid has not stopped the revival in our midst. Blessed be the Name of the Lord! Thank you for praying for each of these and the many others. Thank you for encouraging our efforts. May our level of giving to the homeless and unreached communities increase, surpassing last year's outreaches. 

As you just contacted, I am sitting reading through the Foundations of Christian Living for material to translate in audio form for the thousands of unreached Mamprusi people we are witnessing to…it is an honest attempt to reach more of the 350,000 people who do not have enough discipleship material in the Mampruli language.” 

Our prayers go out to the team at Bait Yeshua. It is joyous to receive news of how, with God’s help, our recipients continue to minister to their churches and communities despite the challenges that they have faced – especially in 2020.  


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