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Few parts of the world have been untouched by Covid, but with only 18 confirmed cases and no deaths we are thankful that our friends in one of our most remote destinations have largely been spared the effects of the pandemic. 

The Soloman Islands comprise six main islands and more than 900 small islands which are located to the east of Papua New Guinea and north west of Vanuatu. Honiara is the capital of the Solomans and it is from here that we heard from long-time Trust recipient, Dr Hilton Togara earlier this year. 

Writing from the Society of St Francis of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, Dr Togara wrote to let us know that the books we sent to him last year had arrived safely and to tell us what their arrival means to his ministry.

“Peace and love of God be with you all in your daily mission. The books I continue to receive from Sovereign World Trust have uplifted my ministry. The books really help me in my study of theology in seminary. These books really support any study especially if we are undertaking research and writing assignments.” 

The majority of the population in Solomon Islands are Christians, with a large number belonging to Protestant churches. As Dr Togara describes:

“In the Solomon Islands over the last 200 years so many have converted to Christianity after early missionary work in the islands. Today, the teaching of the gospel is desperately needed and sources of material are so very welcome in order to further educate our local communities. The main ministry in the Solomon Islands, and the goal of pastors or priests, is to teach and preach through the gospels.I so appreciate your kind support with the provision of Biblical teaching books – to receive such gifts is unusual. 

I pray for your ministry. That it will continue to spread the good news of Christ through this blessing of books.

Thank you. 

Love and prayer."

Hilton Togara 



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