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Bringing Biblical teaching to the nations

Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

At the beginning of November we sent out the first of our Biblical teaching emails to support those pastors and libraries contactable via email. As Covid restrictions and resulting cargo embargoes around the world meant that we were unable to continue with our regular physical mailings of books, we were keen to support our recipients by whatever means possible. Currently our readership comprises some 650 subscribers. 

The response from those receiving the emails has been very enthusiastic, with requests for more and ‘shares’ with colleagues. Many pastors and libraries in the poorer parts of the world have suffered greatly throughout the pandemic, so to be able to bring a little encouragement and cheer is a blessing indeed.

At the time of writing we have already sent six teaching emails.and more are being planned as we speak. If you would like to share with contacts or mission partners around the world here are links to the series:

Where is God in the pandemic?

This short piece written at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic poses the question - "What is God saying?" 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. God will be using this situation to speak to different people in different ways according to their needs. 

The important thing is to ask and listen!

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Feeding the flock

One of the important responsibilities of a pastor, a spiritual shepherd, is to feed the flock with good teaching. 

But what to teach? 

This letter suggests three important perspectives...

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We serve and worship Him

In our previous teaching letter, we looked at how God wants us to look back to those things he has done, forward to the things he has promised to do and up to what he is doing now. 

Looking backwards is very natural at Christmas season. We look back to the time when God's rescue plan for mankind took a giant step forward but we also look forward to the message of Easter.

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Coping with criticism

Experiencing criticism is something that all leaders experience from time to time. It goes with the job! 

In his classic book Understanding Leadership, Tom Marshall made some very helpful points on this theme. 

This letter reviews them and then expands a couple.

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Leadership and success

The desire to succeed is universal. 

People the world over have a strong desire to achieve success. But how is it measured? 

How should a pastor or Christian leader evaluate his or her success?

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Parable of the sower

Parables provoke us to think. They suggest questions. They stimulate our imagination. 

As we ponder these things, we can receive fresh insight and helpful understanding. 

In this teaching letter, we consider the parable of the sower and what this story might mean to us today

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