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A thank you from our libraries

Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Reassuringly, we are beginning to get a few more letters coming through from our recipients, particularly from those libraries we support in Africa and across the world. Many are thanking us for books which helped sustain they and their visitors of all ages throughout the pandemic. A particular favourite has been Michael Eaton’s Branch Exposition of the Bible, all Michael's New Testament Preaching Through the Bible in a single hard-backed edition of some 1300 pages.

Grateful thanks must go to our supporters who have continued to help us to help our recipients by supporting us financially and prayerfully throughout the pandemic.

Here are just a sample of messages received from our African recipient libraries:

"The usefulness of the books which was sent from you is really very important and inspiring. I am really enjoying the commentaries and I was using the Preaching Through the Bible books of Mr. Michael Eaton and now it comes in one volume. 

I really appreciate your service which is done for me and for my students, and the congregation who benefited from this. I am praying for your staff and supporters in every direction."

Preacher Ashenafi, East Shoa, Ethiopia

"We have come to appreciate you the entire leadership of Sovereign World Turst. Thank you for your support to our great institution, for supplying useful books for our use.

The books sent to me are of the utmost use and benefit to me and all the members and students of our institution. May God bless the leadership and supporters of Sovereign World Trust."

Rev Richard Ondo City, Nigeria

"Greetings are extended to you and all the SWT staff. I thank God that we are still alive and ever ready to do His work. Yes it is true that we are in the challenging times. A period in which covid is disturbing our efforts, yet by God’s power we are pursuing gradually. 

We appreciate the books sent for our library. Having a book which brings the whole Preaching through the Bible in a single volume is of great worth, as well as the pocket edition of a book for young Christians. We count it as a blessing that even in the UK such a book (as Michael Eaton’s) is very expensive to buy.  We are hopefully going to be able to use this to help gospel ministers to teach the exact truth in the scriptures."

Pastor Emmanel, Cristian Literature Center, Ghana 


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