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Overcoming challenges in Zambia

Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Some of the pastors we support in far-flung locations face such challenges in bringing God’s word to their people. For Pastor Sebente in Zambia, despite the erratic postal system, Covid restrictions and even a lack of Bibles, his determination to share his faith continues unabated. 

“We are so thankful for your management and to the most-high God for the support of your manuscripts,” he writes. “For they have blessed the church leaders and all the churches (our branch churches included), helping us to know the truth. They have also helped the church members through the seminars we conduct as we travel from church to church. 

We have been able to reach out to many unbelievers and at the end of the seminars many souls are being won to Jesus. We only face one challenge – many people we realise don’t have Bibles, not even the New Testament books. 

Books are such a blessing to me, my family and the church. Borders were closed due to Covid-19, but even in the time of the coronavirus books have helped us to teach in small cell groups. 

 I am praying for you almost every day that the Sovereign Lord provides your needs to continue to help the world. Trusting your response – mails can take almost six monts to reach us sometimes.” 

Pastor Sebente


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