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Wonderful news from one of our long-standing recipients, Chaplain Nsibiet, from the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry. Chaplain Nsibiet is involved in supporting prisoners in various institutions in Nigeria and uses materials from the Trust to help him in his outreach.

The Good News ministry has recently been granted direct access by the Nigerian prison authorities to minister to inmates in particular prisons. Here the team place chaplains and support some of the day-to-day medical needs of the prisoners. 

In August the Good News team, alongside a number of skilled practitioners, were able to visit Ikot Abasi Prison to give eye tests, and provide inmates and prison staff with free reading glasses and some medical supplies. The visit started with prayers and worship songs. Thereafter, thorough eye tests took place and some 60 pairs of reading glasses were dispensed. 

For some, the sudden transformation in their ability to see and to be able to read (including their Bibles and biblical teaching materials) was dramatic and, in some cases, emotional: 

"I am working in the tailoring department in Ikot Abasi prison and I had a challenge as I sew, but I did not know what to do or where to go until I heard from the authorities that Good News is coming to the facility in a very special way. I have received my glasses with eye-drop medicine after several tests. Now I can see well. Thank you – we say a big thank you for your faithful prayers and support that enables us to get these tests done in this prison. Prisoners can now read and read the Bible, and can see better now. They lost their sight and now they can see again."

Prisoner Esop 

"I am very happy that this programme came and I got my glass and drugs. I was among those inmates who have a real problem and on how to read the Bible. Now I have been tested, glasses have been given to me freely. Thank you for coming to solve my problem." 

Prisoner Emmanuel 

"I give all glory to God that my sight problems are over – I can read my Bible and other related materials. Thank you wonderful and caring sponsors."

Prisoner Reuben.

Chaplain Nsibiet has kindly sent us photos of the Good News team at work at Ikot Abasi Prison.


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