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Wonderful to catch up with news from Trust recipient, Pastor Enock, who with his team from Christian Resource Ministries regularly takes God’s word, together with practical assistance, to the remote villages in Malawi and Mozambique.

The pastor and his team were once again on the road on and send thanks for our support and prayers. Their trip was extended this time as a breakdown meant they had to spend an unnerving night in the bush. 

The team have been determined to find new and innovative ways of bringing God’s word to the remote villages and on this trip they took with them all the equipment needed to play a film about Jesus to the villagers. 

For one of the villages, a brand new road meant that the team’s vehicle was the first ever to reach the village. Meanwhile, in other villages the team needed to leave their vehicle and walk into the villages or use canoes to make often perilous river crossings.” 

“We are so thankful to the Lord for His great mercies as by any means we were able to reach those unreached places with the Good news of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Pastor Enock prays. 

On their way back home the team visited one village without a church and were able to plant a church here. Pastor Enock asks us to: “Please keep Zosuma village in prayers that the Lord may send more brothers and sisters in the Lord to strength and encourage brothers and sisters there to stay in faith.”

The pastor is delighted to report that many children were also reached with the good news of God’s word. In total, the pastor and his team saw 1087 people in 15 villages come to Christ for the first time, with many being renewed in their faith and encouraged in the Lord. Many villagers were given Biblical teaching materials and Chichewa Bibles, with glasses gifted to those who were struggling to read them.. 

In addition to spiritual gifts, the villagers were also given hand-wash materials and some medicated soap as health workers had recommended. 

As Pastor Enock proclaims: “We are just wordless for God’s doing here in Malawi and Mozambique.” 


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