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***Hot off the press***

Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Our Annual Reports give an insight into the progress of our mission and support for each year. Our Annual Report 2021 is 'hot off the press', having been slightly delayed by a bout of Covid among our small staff team. 

In our latest report, we bring you news from those we are supporting around the world, together with our financial summary, a financial picture and details on our fundraising and mailing activities. 

We also include an interview with Calvin Eaton, who joined our Board of Trustees in 2021. Born and raised in Africa, Calvin is the son of the prolific writer and preacher, the late Michael Eaton. We have entitled Calvin's interview No ordinary journey and this is certainly the case as we trace his unique story from growing up in Africa to time spent in London, from travelling the world on a journey of personal and Christian exploration to a return to Africa. With his background and understanding of Africa, together with his Christian experience, Calvin is uniquely positioned to offer insight and expertise to the Trust as we addresses the challenges of an ever-changing world. 

You can read the Annual Report by visiting the following link: Annual Report 2021.

Please note our website link offers a low resolution copy of the report. If you would prefer to receive a higher resolution version or require any further information, please do contact us directly at: info@sovereignworldtrust.org.uk


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