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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Bangkok Institute of Theology Library

An important part of the Trust’s mission is to facilitate training for the church leaders of the future in the developing world. With burgeoning populations in many poorer countries, never has it been more important to ensure that God’s word reaches Christians and those coming to faith here. 

Biblical teaching books which faithfully explain issues of character, righteousness and Godly leadership can and do make all the difference. Without them, many Christians are at risk of misunderstanding and misinterpreting Biblical messages. So, in addition to producing specific resources to assist in this not insignificant mission, the Trust also sends relevant titles to Bible schools and colleges. 

One of our Asian library recipients is the Bangkok Institute of Theology Library. This facility serves a diverse range of students from many backgrounds and situations, providing Christian teaching books and access to online resources for staff and students. “Thank you very much for the books those you sent us,” writes librarian Krich. “These books are very helpful for our students and teachers, both for study and teaching.” The photo (top left) shows new students on their orientation day. 

 The Bangkok Institute of Theology recognises the need to educate the Christian leaders of the future by fulfilling its stated objective of ‘preparing powerful servants to God, who are still in short supply.’ The faculty asks its students to follow the words of 2 Timothy 2:15: ‘Declare yourself proven, a worker who is not to be ashamed. Use the Word of Truth correctly.’ 

The emblem of the Bangkok Institute of Theology sums up their approach beautifully:

1. The outer circle represents the world and the community we are all part of; it must be relevant and we need to be responsible for each other.

2. The cross refers to the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

3. The glory of Jesus means the glory of Christ in the midst of mankind.


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