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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The importance of our partnerships

The Trust regularly connects with a number of partnership organisations and individuals, particularly those involved in providing practical support and Christian witness to local communities in Africa and India. In this way we are able to ensure that the books we send reach those who really need them in the more remote and impoverished areas of the world. Typically, our partners bring specific local knowledge and understanding. 

We have worked in partnership with Richard Smart for many years. With his unique experience of bringing God’s word to Uganda particularly, Richard regularly visits remote villages here taking with him carefully selected and appropriate Biblical teaching and preaching materials. Often encountering difficult conditions, Richard describes his latest trip to Uganda in his May update.

"These last two days have been extraordinary for two reasons," he writes. "Firstly, I have been deep in a village in Uganda where farmers sleep in tents because there are no brick buildings anywhere in the village. If someone wants to do farming, they have to live in a tent. I was taken to a dam which basically consists of rain water; this is what they use for cooking, drinking, bathing and washing clothes. It is a village that needs a lot of help at this time.

Secondly, I returned to our office this evening and there were a further sixteen boxes of books that had just been collected from Kampala. I opened each box and found such wonderful titles that I’d collected last year. One such title was an amazing book called Above and Beyond from Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and published in 2020. It’s such a blessing to be able to read the testimonies of MAF and learn about all that they do worldwide. I trust that these resources will be a mighty blessing to God’s people here in Uganda. 

Meanwhile, Richard Wallis wrote a wonderful book about marriage, The Essentials of an Excellent Christian Marriage and gave copies to Sovereign World Trust to give away. I visited the Trust last year and collected a number of copies of this, together with several other titles. I know that local pastors will be so pleased to receive these books.

I’m always glad to pass on Derek Prince’s books. They are full of good teachings and give a lot of understanding into God’s ways. I requested some copies of The Promise of Provision and these were also given for pastors in Uganda. 


Richard Smart 

The Trust gives thanks for Richard and all our partners who regularly go to extraordinary lengths to support pastors and Christian leaders in poor and remote areas of the world.


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