Values & beliefs

The name Sovereign World Trust was originally chosen because of its relationship to Sovereign World Ltd, the Christian publisher and it therefore communicates more about our roots and the books we send than what we do and our values

What we do

We send Biblical teaching books free of charge to pastors and church leaders in the poorest nations.

This is often where pastors have negligible resources, either because they do not exist or because they are unaffordable. 

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Values & beliefs

We believe that Biblical truth has the potential to change minds and hearts. This in turn changes the way people live before God and with each other. Such truth has the potential to change families, communities and even nations. Our Christian values underpin everything we do.

There is so much need in our world. The constant challenge is to balance our responses to those things that are urgent and those things that are important. Urgent needs such as famine relief, water shortages and caring for orphans cannot wait. They require an immediate response.

Longer term needs such as education and training are therefore easier to overlook. But unless we take a 'whole picture' approach we are missing opportunities for longer term solutions. We recognise that what is required is a holistic approach. The challenge is tailor this approach to each and every situation.

Moral transformation

One of the most urgent needs in the developing nations is the cultivation of leaders with integrity and capability. The gospel and Biblical teaching brings moral transformation needed so desperately where there is corruption and self interest.


HIV / AIDS is robbing children of parents and communities of citizens who could make a contribution for the common good. The Gospel and Biblical teaching on relationships and faithfulness can help stem the tide of this terrible disease. 

Family life

There is a great deal to admire in the cultures of the developing nations especially in relation to families. The Gospel and Biblical teaching strengthens family life because it connects people with the ultimate Father who cares deeply for all nations.


The need for a broad range of responses to a major reason for developing partnerships with other organisations, each bringing their own particular specialism and area of expertise.

We are privileged to connect with other church ministries, especially in Africa and India which provide practical support and Christian witness to local communities. We also partner with smaller groups or individuals bringing specific local knowledge or experience.

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