Supporting pastors

Our core activity is to send small packages of typically two to four books to pastors in the world's poorest nations.

In most cases these pastors have no means or opportunity to buy books. Many live in rural areas, where they have to work the land to provide food for their families; there is little external support.

Typically, such congregations meet in school classrooms or use very basic buildings, sometimes still under construction. In such isolated circumstances it is difficult for pastors to remain motivated and to develop in their own faith and, therefore, to give guidance, teaching and direction to their people.

The need

  • For many pastors in the developing nations books are unavailable or unaffordable
  • Pastors are often young and limited in their education
  • Many are without Biblical understanding
  • They are rarely equipped to lead
  • There is a danger pastors are vulnerable to wrong ideas from native religions
  • They have little time for study
  • Pastors are often isolated, without guidance or direction

Our response

  • A regular programme of book mailings throughout the year
  • Books explore specific topics and themes tailored to their needs
  • The titles are often expository
  • Books offer practical guidance
  • Titles encompass Spirit and Word
  • We build a relationship of understanding and trust
  • We respond to extra requests for titles, often supplied from our pre-loved book collection


  • Pastors have a better understanding of God's word and the essential truth
  • They have the confidence to preach and teach
  • Pastors are able to recognise the pitfalls
  • They feel connected and supported
  • Books can be shared with other pastors locally or with those in their churches who have a good understanding of English

"I greatly cherish the books you have sent. You have enriched us with God's word. You have filled us as a thirsty man is given a cup of cold water..."

Book Selection

Every pastor on our database receives at least one mailing each year.

Going forward, this will include two books selected by us and two more chosen by the pastor from a short-list provided.

In this way we are able to offer a bespoke response to the needs of leaders in different nations with varying local challenges.


Posting books from the UK may, on the face of it, seem to be an expensive way of providing resources.

Our experience shows, however, that it is the best and most reliable means to ensure that the books reach the hands of those who really need them. We do use other means of distribution where possible, such as working with partners or offering teaching materials in digital format.


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