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Larger and more established churches tend to have offices which are used by the pastor and those helping with the various ministry programmes. It's a very natural step to transfer the collection of books to such an office so that they can be stored safely, and shared and loaned.

Hanging books of Cameroon

The challenge

  • Usefulness creates greater demand
  • The collections are often limited with narrow subject matter
  • Books quickly become worn and battered with frequent use
  • Books can disappear or be lost without a system for recording their usage

Our response

  • Arrangements for sharing may be quite informal, so we advise pastors to keep track of books by signing them in and out
  • With our regular mailings, supplies of fresh and relevant titles will ensure the vibrancy and relevancy of the library
  • The scope of these libraries tends to broaden and we are often asked for books and materials on children's ministries and also material in local languages
Church library Asia


  • Books mailed to pastors gain a wider audience offering greater opportunity to spread the right messages throughout the local area
  • With titles tailored to their specific needs and situations, pastors gain confidence
  • As pastors strengthen in their faith, messages of Spirit and Word are passed on to their congregations

"My wife and I are so grateful to read the books you have sent us. Mail posting is very hard and takes time but we really are thankful for your support. It helps us with teaching and preaching for mission development."
Bangladesh Native Ministry

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