While most of the books we send are in English (specially selected for readers for whom this will be a second language), we do supply some books in other languages by sourcing them from overseas publishers or translating them ourselves.

Over the years we have facilitated hundreds of translation projects into minority languages.

Translating Biblical reading and teaching materials requires very specialist skills, so we are especially careful in the selection of our translators. We recruit only those with specific and proven experience. 

The challenge

  • Many pastors have little education in English
  • Churches often function in the local language, so English books are not useful
  • Translating is time-consuming and it can be difficult to get adequately trained translators
  • The cost can be prohibitive so we need to choose projects judiciously

Our response

  • We carefully select translation projects to maximise impact
  • Books chosen for translation are invariably proposed by local leaders because of their proven benefit
  • Translation projects have a long gestation period because it is important to get good quality translations and these are carefully checked
  • We only work with reputable Christian translators


  • A wider audience will reap the benefits of proven Biblical teaching
  • Pastors who have the potential will learn English (giving them a access to a wider range of titles) when they read the translated works in diglot format (two languages side by side)

"Words cannot adequately express my sincere thanks to you for encouraging us to promote our Lord's services. Your book entitled Grounds for Living (in Telegu) which inspires each and every one..."


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