Special projects

By adapting our response to some of the more unusual requests we receive or by looking for ways to distribute books in a more efficient way, we are able to maximise the opportunities available to help pastors and their communities across the globe. 


Pastor and church leader conferences of perhaps 50 to 200 delegates from a variety of churches offer a very cost effective way of distributing books.

In such instances, we can supply the conference organiser with a carefully chosen selection of titles for attendess to take away with them.

The networking and sharing of ideas at such conferences means that news of our work spreads amongst church leaders and pastors locally and regionally.


The pattern in the UK in recent decades has been to place children without parents in foster families or arrange adoption. The days of large orphanages like those of George Muller of Bristol are now over. But orphanages are a necessity in Africa and India. Thousands of children lose their parents to HIV/AIDS, famine, disease and also persecution. Childbearing, itself, is a hazardous experience in areas lacking hospitals with trained midwives.

There are some parts of the world where the Christian community provides a comprehensive range of compassionate support: a place to live, basic primary education, clinics for health issues and training for employment. Such children are brought up in caring worshipping communities and part of this is Bible teaching.

Sovereign World Trust supplies books to several ministries that are caring for and teaching orphaned children.


Where we receive requests that may be outside our remit or expertise, we will partner with other charities or even individuals with specialist knowledge to enable a coordinated response.

Partnerships can be especially effective in areas where the political or cultural nuances are changeable or difficult to negotiate.

Reaching some of the far flung areas of the globe can be expensive and working with a partner can offer economies e.g. sharing a sea freight container.

Find out more about our partnerships.

Arduous Climates

In Peru, for example, climatic conditions can provide a particular challenge.

In such regions the damp, hot climate is harsh and books and paper do not last long. In some areas belongings can be washed away by flooding every few years. So the challenge is to provide durable, simplified resources.

In Peru, we have been able to provide laminated teaching resources.

Find out more about our work here.

"Fa'afetai lava (many thanks) for the latest shipment of books for us. They continue to go out into the community and bless many people..."
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