Digital resources

Mobile phones and tablets are becoming increasingly available in developing countries and these can be harnessed for Biblical teaching. There is a clear opportunity for material in book form to be distributed by email, the internet or specilaist applications; for us to adopt a mobile-responsive approach to requests and questions.

Digital Biblical teaching resources

The need

  • We need to harness technology to make Biblical teaching material as easily accessible as possible

  • To develop material specifically for distribution online, via email or to mobile phones and tablets

  • Distributing books and information electronically can yield huge cost savings

Our response

  • We are currently developing a selection of Biblical teaching and study courses to be emailed on demand
  • With publisher permissions, we are looking to reformat popular titles into 'bite-sized' chunks for electronic readers (Kindles), email and mobile devices


  • By compiling a suite of readily available teaching texts, we can generate an immediate response to pastors' questions and requests across the globe
  • A pastor could take a teaching outline on his mobile phone into church and preach directly from this

"Thank you for the Slices of Bread's series of study which really helps me in preparing my sermons and Bible Study for my church and for other preaching in and around my city Shillong. This has been a great help to us here..."
Shillong, India


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