Africa is an ethnically diverse mix of varying cultures, tribes, religions, beliefs and challenges.

HIV/Aids, refugees fleeing violence, food and water shortages, subsistence living are just a few of the challenges that people in Africa face every day.

A 'one size fits all' response is not appropriate.

What is needed is a carefully matched, culturally relevant, holistic approach to the various needs of church leaders, pastors and their congregations.  


  • For some survival, even at subsistence level, is the priority and this must be addressed alongside spiritual nourishment
  • Christian / Muslim tensions
  • Tribal and traditional influences
  • Corruption is endemic in some areas
  • Those we seek to help often lack education, are isolated and have little local support


  • English is widely spoken negating the need for more extensive translation projects
  • The UK has historical links with Africa so needs can be easily communicated and clearly understood
  • Sovereign World Trust is well known across the continent so requests are frequent and increasing


  • 70% of our work takes place in  Africa
  • We partner with other Christian organisations to provide a holistic approach
  • Shared use of containers offers economies
  • We continue to progress our Swahili translation programme 
  • Continued strengthening of our relationship with the Anglican Church of Tanzania


We are currently working to achieve a number of goals on the African continent. These include:

  • The expansion of Sovereign World Trust libraries in Malawi
  • Distribution of Swahili resources in Tanzania and East Africa
  • Continued support for pastors and libraries which have flourished with the injection of Biblical teaching materials
  • Strengthening of partnerships with those who personally deliver books to pastors, libraries and conferences

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