South America

Spanish speaking South American countries have historically received books, including translated titles and materials tailored to some of the harsher climate conditions found in some regions.

We have already been able to supply many remote Amazonian villages and the poorer areas of major cities with Biblical teaching materials.

With connections and partnerships in this region, there are opportunities to strengthen the work we are doing here with further translations of new teaching titles to pastors, libraries and training organisations. 

South American conditions


  • Most of South America is Spanish speaking (apart from Brazil where Portuguese is the first language)
  • The protestant churches (Evangelical and Pentecostal) are growing rapidly in many places, but there can be hostility and opposition from other religions
  • Climate conditions and remote locations can hamper supply and storage of resources

Conditions in South America


  •  Our former Mailings Manager was bilingual in South American Spanish and English. During her time with us a number of books were translated and published in Argentina
  • We have a close working relationship with Christian workers in some of the poorer and more remote areas of Peru
  • We have close connections with UK churches that are working in Central America

Bible teaching for remote areas of Peru


  •  From our translation work in Argentina, many books were distributed to other South American countries. These books are being used in theological and Bible colleges, and prisons, where Bible teaching is encouraged. We will work to forge further relationships here
  • We will continue to partner with ministries and groups that visit South American and Central American countries


  • We have approximately 1,000 copies (approximately 20 different titles) of books in Spanish in stock. Ongoing this enables us to respond more quickly to the increasing number of requests from South & Central America
  • We have a continuing translation programme of material in simplified Spanish for use in the remote jungle regions of the Andes in Peru. This material is in the form of laminated sheets which are better suited to withstanding climate conditions here. These laminated resources can be shared and loaned across the remote village communities

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