The Far East

With the Church growing fast in this region, the Far East and China present a real opportunity for Biblical teaching.

There are a range of cultural and logistical challenges that we are working to overcome, but digital resources give us options for reaching some of the more demanding locations.

Partnerships are particularly important in this region, so we work with those who have the knowledge, expertise and connections to reach those most in need of our support. 


  • We have frequent requests from new college and school libraries (many are start-ups). Often they can use books in English
  • The cost of freighting books such large distances is very high
  • Given the enormous diversity of Bible schools and colleges here, it can be challenging to match our response to the individual needs of each college or school
  • Cultural differences highlight the need for a carefully targeted response


  • For start-up libraries our pre-loved book collection is a very useful source of resources encompassing a range of required subject-matter
  • Thanks to the internet, we are able to send spreadsheets with details of titles so that librarians and teachers can pinpoint books that are relevant to their courses and the students' needs
  • Digital and mobile technology is growing apace in many Far Eastern locations
  • Knowledge of English is commonplace and on the increase


  • We work with other ministries specialising in China, which has its own particular needs and challenges

  • We supply libraries with collections of books, mostly in English
  • Over the years we have facilitated local translation and publishing projects
  • Digital opportunities are being explored


  • Over the next two to three years, priority will be given to pastors and libraries in the Far East
  • Subject to funding constraints, we will look to support libraries needing start-up and supplementary collections of books (making judicious use of our pre-loved book collection, where appropriate)

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