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In many instances, people in developing countries can read in their local language but not in English. Even if they do speak and read English, books written in the UK can pre-suppose an English or Western culture and this makes them less appropriate for certain areas. The answer is to publish books written in a local context.


The need

  • Biblical teaching books in a number of languages which are culturally relevant

  • Publishing projects can be expensive so there is a need to maximise opportunities e.g. a book written in Chechewa (the local language in Malawi) may be very suitable for Tanzania when translated into Swahili

Publishing Christian books in local languages

Our response

  • We identify the needs of each country, and sometimes local area, and then support a publishing / writing project
  • Books in diglot format (two languages side by side) can be very helpful in supporting pastors to acquire a working knowledge of English


  • Books appropriate in language and culture terms will promote learning and understanding of the messages given
  • Diglot books we have commissioned have a dual benefit: a Biblical education and a language education
  • Once a pastor has a working knowledge of English, a great many more books are accessible

Publishing in action

Many leaders in the developing nations have had little formal training and lack the time and resources to improve their knowledge. Their understanding of the Bible can be limited, yet they are hungry to learn more. As they lack confidence in their own scripture learning, they will often repeat specific teaching and preaching lessons time and time again. This can restrict their own personal development and spiritual journey, and that of their congregations; mistakes can also be perpetuated.

Find out how Sovereign World Trust sought to redress this situation with a major publishing project: The Bible: Inside Out.


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