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The Russian speaking world presents a number of obstacles for the supply of Biblical teaching materials.

Our short term goal here must be to understand fully the constraints that face protestant believers in this region and respond to these in a sensitive and relevant manner.

In many areas we work with partners with specific regional expertise and longstanding relationships with the local populations. 


  • This is a challenging time for protestant churches in Russia 
  • Any future involvement in the Russian speaking world will need to take into account the challenges facing protestant believers
  • Whilst Biblical teaching resources in Russian are available, there are few titles which encompass the Word and Spirit


  • Our Mailings Manager is a Russian-English translator
  • We have good contacts in Russia and the former Soviet Union which will enable us to develop the ministry in this part of the world
  • Over the last 20 years a  number of books have been translated into Russian and so material is available locally


  • We are currently exploring the need and opportunities for providing literature in Russian to pastors in remote areas
  • We will work with new and existing partners and contacts in the region
  • The priority is to identify the requirements of different pastors, churches and organisations and to prioritise this 


  • A Russian Speaking World Fund is being set up to finance translations of Biblical teaching resources into Russian
  • We would be particularly interested to connect with anyone who has a heart for and interest in the Russian speaking world

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