Second-hand books

The majority of books we supply are new but we also offer good quality pre-loved Christian books. Our collection of pre-loved books has ‘mushroomed’ and we now have some 4000 excellent titles which have been so generously donated to us. We are using our pre-loved books to build a stock of library collections for our recipients, but also to respond to individual pastor's particular needs for specific types of books.


The need

  • Pastors and Bible school libraries in the developing world find it challenging to access a range of relevant titles. Books are expensive and in short supply.

  • Those in the UK who have Christian books that they no longer need can be assured that their collections will receive a new lease of life with a pastor in one of the poorer nations.

  • This can be especially relevant to retiring ministers with very large book collections who are downsizing.

Publishing Christian books in local languages

Our response

  • We find good homes for pre-loved titles with pastors or Bible school libraries in the poorer nations.
  • We do this by matching the books very carefully to their needs through a process of consultation and dialogue.
  • This is time consuming but it is effective.
  • Where we are given books which are perhaps less appropriate for the nations and more relevant to a UK audience, we sell these to generate funds for our mailing costs.


  • Pastors with specialist interests get books they need.
  • Community or Bible school libraries are stocked with a broader range of titles. 
  • Funds are generated for new titles and mailing costs.

Pre-loved book database 

Through our online pre-loved book database, we are now able to give selected leaders the opportunity to order some of these for their libraries. This has the advantage of enabling recipients to choose from a much broader selection and target their choices to their specific needs. 


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