How many books might a pastor typically receive in a year?

Pastors on our mailing list receive two books selected by us and one selected by himself from a range of choices which are set out in the previous year’s mailing.

How are your titles selected?

We have a good idea of what people find helpful. Some books are given by authors; some we buy; some we publish ourselves. We bear in mind that for most English is a second language so as well as choosing the subject we make sure that the language is not too complicated and that the teaching is not tied to affluent Western setting. We listen to feedback from recipients and visitors from overseas.

How do you know whether a request is genuine?

We are aware that in some developing nations, where conditions are desperate, unscrupulous people ask for books to sell, So, we ask newcomers for details of their ministry and also a reference. In many cases we can spot requests that are clearly suspicious by the way the request is framed or the address. We will give people the benefit of the doubt in many cases where we are not entirely sure and we look carefully at the feedback.

How many books do you send out in a year?

In a typical year we send out 8,000 to 10,000 books. Some to individual pastors, some to libraries and colleges and some to conferences. 

How do you decide which books are right for a pastor or library?

Books for pastors are straightforward, practical or devotional. The same is true for libraries but also we include books of reference, the kind that will be consulted rather than read from cover to cover. In the case of libraries, the librarian often has specific requests and we meet these from our pre-loved collection. Examples are books on church history, pastoral theology. Libraries are usually attached to colleges and in such cases the librarians send us descriptions of their courses and often bibliographies. On a very practical level, hardback books are good for libraries and last longer. 

How much does it cost to mail books to different locations?

The average freight charge for a typical pastor’s mailing of three books costs around £10.00 to send. A library mailing of 6 to 20 books costs around £20. There is also the cost of the packaging and labelling which comes to around 50p – £1.00 per item. We use cardboard wrappers (like Amazon) because these are robust, protective and quick to pack and we are experimenting with bags made from recycled plastic.

How do we find out more?

Our Annual Reports provide substantial detail about our work. If you would like any further information or have a particular request you can telephone or send us an email: chrism@sovereignworldtrust.org.uk or +44 (0)7411 278637.


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