Sovereign World Trust was founded in October 1986 by Jan Mungeam to run alongside Sovereign World Ltd, the publishing company established by her husband Chris Mungeam.


In 1986  Christian publishing was thriving with great interest in teaching that integrated the insights of the charismatic movement with sound evangelical Biblical teaching.

It was at this time that Chris Mungeam established Sovereign World Publishing to meet the growing need. Shortly afterwards, his wife Jan, sensing God's prompting not to neglect the poor nations, founded the Trust sharing the same name.


Many emerging leaders began writing books, many of them with the help and guidance of Chris Mungeam. Significant titles were written by Bob Gordon, Derek Prince, Jack Hayford, Kevin Connor. Two particularly helpful series, "Explaining ..." and "What Every Christian should know about...." were written with well qualified authors invited to write short, informative and readable texts on their specialist subjects. These included David Pawson, John Arnott, Tom Marshall and Joyce Huggett.

Over the next twenty years, both the company and the Trust prospered and the company was able to provide the Trust with many thousands of books at cost price for giving away to the nations. A small staff team, supplemented by volunteers, packed and shipped books to over 100 nations as the word spread.

New directions

By 2008 Chris's publishing company had been sold to Ellel Ministries, who continue to produce books in the same stream, including their own Truth and Freedom series and inspiring biographies.

About the same time Jan retired and handed over the Trust to Chris Moffett. Chris, with the support of a talented group of Trustees, is shaping the ministry of the Trust to the needs and opportunities of the 21st century.

Sharing the Sovereign World name reminds us of our common roots and also of the opportunities for working together. Sovereign World titles feature prominently in our current offering. 

Moving forward

Thanks to the generosity of the Pierce family, the Trust has its home and base of operation at Goblands Farm in Hadlow, Kent. In 2015 we were able to combine our offices and warehouse in one building, with an imaginative new development which included installation of a mezzanine floor. This has made for much more efficient working.


Our base in Hadlow Kent comprises a warehouse and an office. From here we organise and prepare regular shipments of books to be sent all over the world.


Sovereign World Trust

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