PrayingPrayer underpins all aspects of our ministry and we are truly grateful for the intercession of our prayer supporters across the country and overseas.

Every two months we will give several Pointers for Prayer, some for thanksgiving and some prayers of request. 

We would be so grateful if you could include us in your own, your home group's or your church's prayers.

Prayer Points 


For Thanksgiving 

  • For the improvements to our computers. It has made such a difference! 
  • The Annual Report has been well received and the responses from supporters are encouraging and positive.
  • For those supporters who have increased their regular monthly giving and for others who give when they are able.
  • For Prayer

  • For finances. We have fewer supporters than in times past. Some churches are no longer able to support us and we are having to draw on reserves. 
  • For the grant applications being prepared to fund projects.
  • For the Mark Project in particular. See the Annual Report. This is an innovative approach – the result of listening to various stakeholders on the question of what is the most effective way to deliver training. A particular feature is the trial and improvement approach. This is possible using print-on-demand technology for relatively small print runs. Small changes based on feedback can be incorporated in subsequent editions. The aim is to reach people, who have not necessarily been highly educated, with truth that they can understand and that is relevant. The Mark Project incorporates Michael Eaton’s Preaching through the Bible - Mark which has proven value but the additional material functions rather like a digestive supplement enabling readers / participants to get maximum benefit. It is also designed to be used in small group settings which have been proved to be very effective. Please pray that we can evaluate and act on the feedback. Please pray that God will use this material to raise up leaders of character and ability.
And Finally

A continued prayer for the safety and well-being of our recipients, supporters, trustees and staff.

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