PrayingPrayer underpins all aspects of our ministry and we are truly grateful for the intercession of our prayer supporters across the country and overseas.

Every quarter we will give several Pointers for Prayer, some for thanksgiving and some prayers of request. 

We would be so grateful if you could include us in your own, your home group's or your church's prayers.

Prayer Points 

For October - December 2023

For Thanksgiving 

  • The safe and welcome arrival of our books to most locations worldwide. 
  • The enthusiastic response to our mailings and the heartening feedback we continue to receive 
  • Our dedicated and tireless volunteers. Rob and Marion 2, we are so grateful for you. 
  • The ongoing success of our digital resource website. 
  • The positive reactions we receive to our teaching emails. 
  • The encouragement we continue to receive from loyal supporters and friends worldwide.

For Prayer
  • For our pastors in some of the world’s more challenging locations - for those affected by war, religious intolerance, natural disasters, shortages of food or resources. 
  • That we will continue to receive the funds and support we need to be able to serve and support our recipients in the developing world. 
  • Swift resolution for the ongoing mailing issues we face when trying to get books to those most in need. 
  • The success of Project Mark in helping to develop the leaders of the future.
  • The continued safety and success of Richard Smart as he continues to distribute books in Uganda and surrounding countries. 
  • Safe passage too for Brian and Sheila Keel as they take books to Rwanda for the new Christian libraries here.

And Finally

A continued prayer for the safety and well-being of our recipients, supporters, trustees and staff.


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