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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka Community radio spreading the word of God

Using our books to help formulate radio programmes is just one of the more unusual and innovative uses of the titles we send..

Elder Emmanuel from Uganda recently wrote to us to tell us about his ministry’s community radio programme which encourages local people to come to God. 

The programme, which broadcasts mainly in the evening, aims to bring a sense of community to the surrounding area. As you can see from the photographs, the broadcasts take place in a ‘state of the art’ shed. 

“Thank you so much for supporting us with these divine books. You have enriched us indeed with knowledge”, writes Elder Emmanuel. “Forgiveness – God’s Master Key by Peter Horrobin has blessed me so much. We, all Christians, are a product of the God’s master key (forgiveness). Because we are his disciples, we ought to use the same master key as we go along in life. One with a master key has access to enjoy all the benefits in every room.” 

“Thank you partners of Sovereign to enable us receive the free books! You are such a blessing to us.”


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