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Although the worldwide onset of COVID-19 is impacting us all, we will continue to try to bring news from our recipients and staff team (currently working from home) in the weeks and months to come.

We were so pleased to have a recent update from Malawi, from one of our regular recipients and correspondents - Bishop James of Life Crusade Missions. 

The Life Crusade Missions is a growing church, and the books we are able to send with your support are an important part of this growth. In his message, Bishop James tells us what the books mean to him and those he serves: 

“Praise the Lord for the gifts of books. Learning does not end – it goes on and on. These books are inspirational, motivational, mind and eye openers, faith builders. With our knowledge increasing we are happy – very happy. May God bless you all and your ministry and thank you to the friends and sponsors of Sovereign World Trust. 

We are safely receiving the books, which are helpful to us personally as well as to the ministry. Our knowledge is much increased and we are changed. We are currently working towards a Sunday School classroom for children, and a few rooms for our nursery and junior primary school children. Please pray for us. Last year was a busy year with a lot of activity, including pastor seminars, youth conferences, children’s programmes and others. We look forward to your support this year.”


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