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“I am forever grateful for the wealth of material I receive, and am enriched and empowered to empower others.” These uplifting words from one of the lady ministers we support in Kenya - Reverend Peris. 

“The titles, which I received at the end of last year are of immense importance, not only to me, but to the leadership and the church membership where I minister. I am involved in the leadership of the whole ministry and the impact of the books is felt beyond our church boundaries."

Reverend Paris explains how each of the books sent offered particular gifts to her ministry:

"The titles sent were:

1. Browns’ Dictionary of Bible Characters by John Brown 

This is a very rich material and is a big encouragement, I am learning a lot from the ‘generals’ who have gone ahead of us - we learn from their mistakes and from their strengths.

2. The Paradoxical Messiah by Hugh Hill 

This is more or less the biography of Jesus, detailing His activities chronologically and a great blessing to us. 

3. Trusting in the Grace Of God by Derek Prince 

This year I and my husband, with whom I work in the ministry, have been carrying out a series of teaching on the grace of God. This book has been of tremendous help. 

I just wanted to let you know that your ministry has far-reaching impact. May God bless you and provide the resources you need to bless many more ministers who are disadvantaged."


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