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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Thank you, Richard

Our consignment of 16,500 books has recently arrived safely in Uganda. As you may be aware, the books will be distributed by hand through our partner, Richard Smart’s extensive network of proven contacts into regions of Uganda and surrounding nations – Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and Kenya .

With continuing challenges for the safe arrival of our mailed books to some areas, using partner distributors for the safe delivery of precious titles may be the way forward, at least for some African countries. 

Already, Richard has delivered books to some regions of Uganda, receiving a warm welcome and some wonderful reactions from local leaders. 

Huge thanks to Richard for his tireless work in ensuring the books reach those most in need and for the reports and photographs he sends. 

“Your marriage book is invaluable,” writes Richard from recent delivery to a village in the Ngora District of Eastern Uganda. “It answers a lot of questions. People like it so much. And the good news is that very soon I will be delivering over 800 copies from the container here in Uganda.

This week I was invited to a crusade in a village where I taught the Word of God in the church before we went outside for the crusade. I carried some books with me including your marriage book. The church will find it so helpful when they counsel people who are going through struggles and challenges in the family. People have asked me to pass on their thanks to SWT for the donation all the books…” 

Richard was also able to pass on an emotive message of thanks from one local recipient:  

“Through reading the book on hope and healing I was helped to be set free from the past… because of the abuse of my father, I hated my father with all my heart. This book helped me to release the emotional pain that had tormented me for over 10 years. I was taught what forgiveness means and I forgave my father… Thank you Sovereign World Trust for releasing me from the prison of unforgiveness. And I learned how to help others who are going through the pain I went through by using this book.”

Our photograph above left shows Pastor Justin from Ngora receiving a box of Christian teaching books. Below right is the safe arrival in Uganda of the cargo container carrying our books; this was met by Richard. 

Watch this space for more news on the delivery of the shipment of books as they are distributed further afield.


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