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Some of our regular readers will be familiar with the discipleship and evangelistic outreach of Pastor Enock in Malawi and Mozambique. Once again, the pastor and his team have taken to the road with Christian resources for mentoring, teaching and preaching, along with some much-needed practical items, for example, reading glasses and hand-washing equipment.

“Greetings once again from Malawi in the name of our Lord and Saviour King Jesus Christ,” writes Pastor Enock. "Thank you so much for your prayers which have made the evangelism and discipleship possible - we have arrived home safely. May God richly bless you so much.” 

The pastor tells the story of his recent trip with a series of vibrant photos clearly illustrating the joy with which the team is received, but also the challenges faced in reaching some of the outlying villages.

In the first of the photos, Pastor Enock shows the team as they fill up with petrol, subsequently departing for some of the more isolated villages. Many of the roads in these far-flung areas are hazardous, with no bridges, and perilous descents and ascents, so the team regularly have to divert considerable distances to find their way.

Having arrived safely at one of the first villages, the team safely offload and begin lessons for local children.

The team were able to reach out to some 750 people during their recent trip, encouraging them whilst teaching and mentoring; bringing all closer to God. Villagers received both preaching and teaching and were able to break out into smaller groups to discuss what they had learned. 

In some instances the older members of a village were unable to read, so it is left to the older children to help with reading and writing on their behalf.

The team are further able to reach out to the people in these outlying communities by showing a film about Jesus on a big screen. This is particularly popular with villagers who rarely experience such a treat. The film projector is powered through a petrol-fuelled generator.

Pastor Enock was also able to bless local church leaders with Bibles to replace those damaged during a cyclone which precipitated flash floods. Some Chichewa Bibles were also given to each village.  Meanwhile handwashing was encouraged at all gatherings, and hand washing materials were left for villagers to use at future public meetings. Reading glasses were also supplied to those in need. 

Having returned safely from their arduous trip, the team are once again making preparations to get back on the road, with further journeys to villages in Mozambique and Malawi planned. Our prayers go to everyone involved for safety, protection, and a successful and encouraging mission.


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