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The Essentials Series Training

In addition to new titles in a variety of foreign languages, we have recently been given permission to share the following popular titles via our resource website. These titles have particular resonance with developing world culture

In April 2018, Mission Possible UK published the first printed edition of the popular online training course, The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership by Richard Wallis with John Collinson. In October 2020, the second title in the series was published, The Essentials of an Excellent Christian Marriage by Richard Wallis, with Ranjini Mathew and John and Jo Collinson. 

The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership  

This leadership book explores and encourages as it looks at how to overcome the challenges and pitfalls that all leaders can inevitably face. The training can be used in different ways and for varying audiences:

  • For emerging next generation leaders keen to learn the basic principles of leadership. 
  • For established leaders as they seek to sharpen their leadership skills (Proverbs 27:17).
  • For group use or personal use.

The training is split into easy to digest sections and includes modules on the character of a leader; mission, vision and values; strategy, planning and communication; team building; time management; conflict resolution.

A few years ago the Trust decided to send out some 2000 copies of The Essentials of Excellent Christian Leadership in our pastor’s book packs. We received some very positive feedback from Christian leaders saying that they found the clear and logical structure of the book most helpful. This prompted Richard Wallis to consider writing another book using this same clear and logical format.

The Essentials of an Excellent Christian Marriage  

The marriage handbook takes course participants through the key areas of marriage, touching on the potential causes of problems and disagreement, and offering advice to ensure that these do not become overwhelming. 

This teaching manual for church leaders can be used for:

  • A marriage preparation course, designed for those intending to have a Christian wedding. 
  • A marriage enrichment course, for all married couples to build and grow their marriage. 
  • Youth and student groups, for which there is a short single special module called Lesson for youth groups and students.

Please do share details of these online resources with anyone you feel might benefit: 


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