Easter at the Maoni Orphanage

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Evangelical Library, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Worship and celebration

It was wonderful to hear from long-time Trust recipient, Bishop Enock, recently as he brought us good news from the Maoni Orphanage in Malawi following their Easter celebrations.

As ever, the bishop (who founded the orphanage) gave his update through the medium of his joyful and vibrant photos.

“Greetings from Malawi in the name of risen Savior King Jesus Christ,” writes Bishop Enock. "Thank you so much for praying for us and the children at Maoni during Easter, we had a great Easter as we have seen the Lord meeting the needs at the orphanage and we had a blessed resurrection day (Easter Sunday) with special food and treats to all the children and some of the staff. Praise the Lord!”

As part of the celebrations, the Easter Sunday service included songs from the Maoni choir, Easter thoughts led by the children, and readable Chichewa versions of the Easter message that could be kept and reread. 

Later, it was outside for a hearty celebration meal, followed by treats including biscuits, fruits and sweets.

“We are amazed for God’s doing at Maoni Orphanage through you. Once again thank you so much for all your prayers and support always.

Indeed HE is ALIVE!!!


Food is ready for the Easter celebration

The congregation are entertained by songs from the Maoni choir

Meanwhile, some of the children bring Easter thoughts.

The congregation are given Chichewa versions of the Easter message. 

After the service, everyone queues patiently for their food.

It's worth waiting for! And there are some treats to follow.

P.S. from Bishop Enock

Later in April, Bishop Enock wrote to us once again to share heartening news about just two of the young men from Maoni:

“Thank you so much for praying for remaining two young men to learn the skilled work, have the starter tools and be able to stand on their own and be of help to their siblings, relatives and the community they will live after Maoni Orphanage. Now the Lord has provided and all have their tools and their trade have been paid for.” 

One of the young people is set to become a mechanic and the other, a plumber.

Training for a profession is so important for the young people at Maoni.

This helps the young people to settle independently and serve their local community.

The future looks bright, as these young men work in mechanics and plumbing.

It is truly inspiring to hear the stories of those we serve in Africa and around the world. Grateful thanks and prayers go to Bishop Enock, his team at Maoni and all the children.


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