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Books to rural Romania

One of our more unusual recipients is Peter Ignat, a minister of the Brethren Church in Romania. Remarkably, Peter and his wife, Gabriela, live in Canada but Peter makes regular trips back to his native Romania to preach and teach at his church and at other Brethren churches here. He also continues to support his church and community from afar.

Born and raised in Romania, in an area some 40 miles north of Bucharest, at the age of 28 Peter emigrated to Canada. He was followed soon after by his wife. Peter had just graduated from a prestigious university in Romania as an agriculture engineer. He had long had the desire to be more involved as a church preacher, but this was during the period of communism and persecution was a real fear.

After the revolution in 1989, however, Peter began preaching in the Brethren churches during his holidays in Romania.

Peter is an alumni from Tyndale University Canada and such an education equipped him to develop his gift of preaching. Tyndale is a Christian university in Toronto offering a wide range of programs at the undergraduate, seminary and graduate levels.

Two years ago, Peter retired from his permanent job in Canada, a high school teaching position. He continues to support his home church and others in Romania. Last year, he and Gabriela visited Romania for 9 weeks as Peter preached at Brethren churches. Peter’s home church has about 1000 members and is located in a rural area of the country.

“There is such a great need there,” explains Peter. “Both physically and spiritually… I pray the books can be used in preparation of my sermons to be used for God's glory.”

Peter and Gabriela are due to visit Romania again in May and we have been able to send some books here, which will be waiting for him on his arrival. The books include the following key titles:

  • Michael Eaton’s Branch Commentary
  • A Pastor’s Commentary on the Psalms by Ivan Raskino
  • The Paradoxical Messiah by Hugh Hill

Peter has asked for our prayers and particularly for:

1.  Revival and for politicians (2024 elections).
2.  Unity for all Christians.
3.  Ministers who are involved in preaching, meetings and ministries.
4.  Elderly Romanian people, who are fragile and vulnerable. 
5.  Many people are in need, there are not many jobs in Romania.
6.  Young people to worship God from a pure heart.

7.  Health and strength.


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