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From a humble hut to a new house of God

As we’ve shared before, many of our recipients minister in challenging environments, making every step forward a cause for celebration.

Today, we have an inspiring update from Pastor Odwar in the Acholi region of Uganda. Pastor Odwar recently wrote to us, about a newly planted church. His message came with several vibrant photos of the church and its congregation, capturing the the popularity of their worship.

The journey of this new church has not been straightforward. It began in a poorly thatched hut, barely adequate for their needs. Despite these humble beginnings, with unwavering faith and dedication, Pastor Odwar joyfully reports: "...God has now provided a new land for future construction." 

In the meantime, the congregation continues to gather, often outdoors, with attendance growing steadily. Open-air gospel crusades have sparked a small but growing spiritual revival, drawing many to faith.

Pastor Odwar has requested our prayers for the new believers, as their journey of faith continues to flourish. 


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